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A Physical Therapist’s role in high-level cross-country ski competition and training

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As a private practice clinician working with high-level cross-country ski athletes, I receive an interesting number of questions regarding ‘what does a physical therapist do during training and competition?’ Many people are surprised to learn that my role is not just managing injuries or doing massage. It is so, so much more than that! I have been working with the …

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How to advocate for yourself in the medical maize to reach full recovery so you get back to what you love

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You are suffering from pain, say chronic low back pain. It hurts enough that you don’t go out often anymore, you are not exercising to the point you would like to, and you have to call for help when lifting things. You’ve seen your primary physician who gave you some painkillers and sent you to a surgeon. That surgeon took …

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I’ve been a physical therapist for over 15 years now. In that time, I have come to realize that there’s more to helping someone attain their goals than manual therapy, exercise and modalities. As physiotherapists, we have to start with your goals in mind. We need to start with individual goals and work backwards from there. There’s no cookie cutter, …