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Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training in rehabilitation: What is it and why is everybody talking about it? Can it help you reach full recovery after injury faster? Can it help you prevent muscle wasting after surgery?

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In a nutshell, Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training (PBFR) is a way to increase strength or endurance without stressing the injured tissue, using light weight or slow movement. It uses a special tourniquet system on the arm or leg which, when inflated, limits arterial blood flow and significantly reduced venous return of blood. This occlusion stimulates muscle hyperthrophy and endurance. …

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Fluoroquinolone associated tendon pain. Can certain antibiotics make you prone to tendon pain? YES!!

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As a sports physical therapist, I’ve treated several clients who suffered from Fluoroquinolone associated debilitating tendon pain. I welcomed Tom Goom, PT’s insight on this very important topic, and I am going to share brief summary to create awareness and suggest steps to address this. Fluoroquinolone associated tendon pain is a very important topic because it can significantly impact peoples’ …

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Tendon Pain – DOs and DON’Ts:

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Is tendon pain keeping you from things you love to do? Is it keeping you from optimal training? Don’t: Rest completely. Resting decreases the ability of the tendon to take load. Do: Reduce loads to a level that the tendon can tolerate and then slowly increase it. Don’t: Use only passive treatments. Ice or heat can give you temporary relief but won’t …