Once an athlete
always an athlete

My Path

I mentor and care for young, developing athletes and competitors at the highest level of international sport. But not only am I a physical therapist with 18 years of experience, I’m also a former World Cup and NCAA athlete.

I started my professional athletic career as a member of the Czechoslovak National Ski Team, pushing my training and performance to the boundaries of what my young body could take. Today, after decades of experience, training and study, it is remarkable how much more information we have about athletics and sports-specific performance needs. My passion to share that information drives me as much as any slalom course around the world did during my racing career.

Because of my personal experience, I take holistic approach to mentoring. And this is just as true for a developing rock climber as it is for an Olympic skier or for a recreational hiker looking to get their active life back after a knee replacement.

Not only can I empathize, but I can 100% sympathize with you when it comes to increasing performance and mitigating the risk of injury. I take into consideration YOU. Not as a set of conditions or symptoms, but as a person with physical goals, mental needs and unique social situations.