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40,000+ Physical Therapy Consultations

20 years of experience, delivering performance and recovery physical therapy services to elite and recreational athletes.


“Athleticism is what we do between injuries.”
How to stay healthy and fit.


Host of Sports Physio Alaska Podcast.
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Zuzana Rogers is known for her expertise in the field of sports physical therapy, with a focus on treating running and cross-country skiing related injuries. With an impressive 20-year career and over 40,000 physical therapy consultations, Zuzana has solidified her reputation as a leading authority in her field. Her extensive qualifications and accomplishments showcase her dedication to advancing sports physical therapy and injury prevention.

Zuzana holds a Doctor of Science degree with a specialization in injury prevention in adolescent athletes, a testament to her commitment to keeping young athletes safe and active. She is also Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy, a recognition of her exceptional knowledge and expertise in sports-related injuries and treatments.

Furthermore, Zuzana has honed her skills through various educational endeavors, including an advanced Diploma in Sports Physical Therapy from the prestigious International Olympic Committee (IOC) and manual therapy certification from International Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IAOM-US).

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