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Work with me

Runners’ Edge Alaska

I am fortunate and honored to work at Runners’ Edge Alaska, a Female Alaskan-owned niche Physical Therapy clinic, where we empower active Alaskans of all ages to return to activities they love safely, efficiently, and for life.

Runners’ Edge Alaska is a mobile and Telehealth clinic, which allows me to help my clients in their own environment – whether it is their home, gym, or trails. I frequently take my clients running on our beautiful trails, or accompany them for their doctor’s visits to provide optimal care.

I have been a part of this team since 2020 and currently serve as a clinical director.

What I love the most, is to be able to make a lasting change in our clients’ life. I don’t know everything and I can’t cure everybody. But every single day I look for opportunities that will make me a better clinician, better person, to be able to help you. My mind is open to all learning opportunities. My passion and expertise is in tendon rehabilitation, master athletes, ACL rehabilitation and return to sports after an injury.

I love working with likely-minded professionals. Visit Resources page for my recommendations.